First look at Snow White Pullip Collaboration

Originally revealed at last year’s Doll Carnival some pictures have surfaced of a possible future Snow White collaboration via There was a slideshow that was originally posted there but has since been reposted on youtube, I was so amused by these releases I decided that I needed to take some screen caps.

First what looks like a storybook which I assume is the short-form version of Snow White but since I can’t read Japanese I can’t be sure what it really says.

Snow White- I absolutely love everything about her.
Evil Queen- She seems a bit underwhelming compared to the others but I think additional pictures could help this impression
Evil Queen in disguise- As a rule I’m trying not to like Isul too much, but this release seems very cool and I love the design of his stock I may end up having to get him.
Prince- He’s very handsome, his face up reminds me a bit of previous taeyang release Jade. I can’t wait to see more pictures of him.
Send in the clowns!
Dwarves- The dwarves have been replaced with clowns, I for one am a big fan of vaguely creepy clowns so I am super excited about these. There are seven clowns in total, three byuls (Dori, Emme and Gibel) and four dals (Abel, Babe, Cici and Favian). I like that Groove Inc is really going all out with these and taking a chance with releasing these as they are not very neutral as many of their more recent releases have been and they are not going to be very versatile.

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5 Responses to First look at Snow White Pullip Collaboration

  1. Drooling Isn't Pretty says:

    omg i have to have all the dwarves !!! too cute

  2. alissa says:
    look at these dolls! The dal has the mouth open!

  3. Tomboy says:

    do you know when they will be released? midnight deja vu is coming out in may…

  4. Pipp Gerl says:

    Did these byuls ever get released?

    • Klein says:

      No, they unfortunately never made it past the prototype stage which is a pity because I absolutely loved Emme

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