Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kyoko Sakura Nendoroid

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is hands down my favorite anime that was released in the past five years. Madoka came to me at the perfect time, I was definitely losing interest in pretty much all newer anime and Madoka was such an unexpected delight that it renewed my interest in anime a bit and got me watching anime again.

I don’t collect anime figures as much these days but I find it pretty much impossible to resist figures from Madoka. I recently decided to splurge a bit and bought some new Madoka figures including the nendoroid (as well as the figma) of Kyoko. Sakura Kyouko Nendoroid
I have no regrets on my splurging especially on Kyoko as she is absolutely fantastic, the details on her are phenomenal.

Sakura Kyouko NendoroidI quite like Kyoko’s grumpy face.
Sakura Kyouko Nendoroid
Kyoko is an absolutely voracious eater so of course she came with some snacks…
Sakura Kyouko Nendoroid
like pocky, because who doesn’t love pocky? I adore the expression on the pocky eating face plate.
Sakura Kyouko Nendoroid
Kyoko can be quite scary when she looks determined!
Sakura Kyouko Nendoroid
There are a few additional photos of Kyoko on my flickr.
Sakura Kyouko Nendoroid
Look forward to a post featuring nendoroid Sayaka in the next week….. in fact, I think there may be even more Madoka figure posts coming up in the not too distant future though I may have said too much as it’s not like I want to admit to waiting on even more Madoka figures now or anything. Ooops!

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