Gosick Victorique de Blois Pullip

Victorique de Blois was another of my Groove Lucky Bag purchases. I have been wanting her for quite some time but had not gotten around to getting her quite yet so I was excited I was able to get her for a bit cheaper than usual.
37/365 Victorique de Blois
Victorique de Blois is from the Gosick anime/manga/light novel series, she is the enigmatic, sharp-tongued, mystery solving heroine of the series. I admit that I have not watched the anime yet, I have been actively avoiding it ever since I found out there was a Volks Super Dollfie from the series that is incredibly gorgeous and would no doubt be absolutely irresistible if I fell in love with the show much to the chagrin of my wallet.

Victorique Victorique Victorique
Victorique’s stock is very well made made and is very faithful to her appearance in the anime/manga. My only complaint was that I’m slightly disappointed that she did not come with her trademark pipe.
I love Victorique’s face up it is very sweet, she kind of reminds me a bit of Pullip Shinku. I especially love her eye make up.
Victorique de Blois
Victorique is so elegant and lady-like!
Victorique de Blois
Victorique de Blois made the transition into doll beautifully, her appearance in the anime/manga is quite doll-like to start with so it is an easy transition.
Victorique de Blois
I love how brilliant her eyes are.
Victorique de Blois
Some additional pictures of Victorique on my flickr.
Victorique de Blois

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2 Responses to Gosick Victorique de Blois Pullip

  1. Yoruko says:

    Is it true that Animadness closed down? 😮

    I was hoping that it’d still be open for when I got to the east coast for college. ):

    • kleintoys says:

      Sorry for such a late response, Animadness is shutdown and will not be coming back. Basically all anime shops on the east coast are gone now even TokyoKid they just aren’t sustainable here unfortunately. Animecastle is still in New York and that is the closest dedicated Anime shop that I know of closest to my location in CT.

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