Black Jack Byul Pinoko

I eventually ended up going back and ordering a second lucky bag through Groove’s recent lucky bag event. My intention was to just get Tomoe Mami as well as a doll for a friend, when I went to order though I realized I had never really seen any owner photos of Byul Pinoko. While Byul Pinoko had always been kind of low priority on my wishlist, I had been admiring her since she was announced when I found out she didn’t really have any owner photos…. I knew I had to remedy that. 12/365 Pinoko
Pinoko is a character from Osamu Tezuka’s Black Jack, which followed the title character’s medical adventures. Pinoko’s backstory is a bit bizarre, she was a parasitic twin living inside her twin sister for the first 18 years of her life before being removed and then given a plastic exoskeleton by Black Jack. She has a childlike form and demeanor. Eventually she comes to live with Black Jack and becomes somewhat of a surrogate daughter to him. Oh my goodness!

Byul Pinoko Byul Pinoko Byul Pinoko
Byul Pinoko comes with medical scrubs and a stethescope as well as her trademark dress and bows. I really like her stock and think that they did an excellent job translating it from manga/anime to doll stock (though it could be a tad longer). Her hair clips are surprisingly easy to work with, normally hair accessories tend to be a pain to work with but they are just normal clips with bows sewn on. 
Byul Pinoko
I love Pinoko’s face up, it’s very understated but it really flatters Byul’s mold. The minimalist look always seems to suit Byul better, it minimizes her super pouty lips which seems to be the main critique of Byul. I absolutely love her  little eyebrows, they are so sweet.

Pinoko is just absolutely darling.
I’ve had the smaller Pinoko for a few years, she was a part of the Tezuka Moderno Labo Urban Designer Vinyl Figure line. I happened to find her and an Astro Boy from the same line in a markdown bin in a comic book shop. I was not unable to resist them as they were super adorable and only $1.
Couple of more pictures on my flickr
Hmm.. Now I want Black Jack >_<

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