Monster High: Picture Day!

It’s been a really, really long time since my last post focusing on the freaky yet fabulous Monster High dolls almost a year in fact. I never stopped collecting them, in fact I have all of the dolls released as of 2012 though I am missing most of the absolute newest dolls that just started shipping to stores.
Picture Day Group
I just recently got around to photographing the Picture Day set of dolls over the past week or so, I received them for Christmas but hadn’t gotten around to photographing them to just now.

Spectra, daughter of the ghost
26/365 Picture Day Spectra
Although Spectra is not normally one of my favorite characters, I have to admit that the Picture Day release is my favorite from the set and quite possibly my favorite Spectra release so far!
Picture Day Spectra
I love how beautifully the colors of her stock complement her coloring, she just seems like one of the better put together recent releases.
Picture Day Shoes
Let it be known,that in general I have a weakness for Monster High shoes they are probably the most insanely detailed shoes on a playline doll currently on store shelves.  Spectra’s shoes are not a disappointment, I especially love the detailing on the chains.

Draculaura, daughter of Dracula
28/365 Draculaura
I absolutely love and adore Draculaura’s stock outfit, I am especially fond of the detailing on her skirt. The little touches of white make Draculaura’s black/pink motiff really pop.
Picture Day Draculaura
I really love the face up on this release of Draculaura. Although I like Draculaura’s character and her doll releases I have to say that she tends to give me the most issues with photography, so I end up avoiding photographing her ^^;
Picture Day Draculaura shoes
As far as Monster High shoes, Draculaura’s shoes are kind of boring. I am kind of annoyed that they do not close in the back.

Cleo, daughter of the Mummmy
27/365 Picture Day Cleo
I’m not the biggest fan of gold but they did a really good job of balancing it out in Cleo’s stock by just having touches of it throughout. I love how much the teal really pops against Cleo’s skin color.
Picture Day Cleo
Picture Day Cleo is one of my favorite Cleo releases so far, I really love her lips.
Picture Day Cleo
Cleo’s shoes are fantastic, I love the level of detail on them especially the pyramid-like platforms.

Abbey, daughter of the Yeti
Picture Day Abbey
Abbey is one of my favorite Monster High characters. I normally love her icy theme but the little shiny bit on the top part of dress looks really cheap to me ^^;
Picture Day Abbey
This is the first Abbey release that has come with bangs, normally I love bangs and dislike it when dolls lack them but I got so used to loving her despite her absence of bangs that she looks a bit strange to me with bangs now. I do love her face up
Picture Day Abbey shoes
Cute boots!

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2 Responses to Monster High: Picture Day!

  1. meygan says:

    Totally agree on Spectra – she’s my favorite of all the Spectras! Her lips are darker than those of the earlier releases…very plum-like in color…and she photographs really well.

    • kleintoys says:

      Spectra is totally amazing in this release, I just wish her other releases were as well put together as this one was!

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