Arrival- Pullip Pere Noel

Pullip Pere Noel was one of the dozen Pullip releases last month, I am of course kidding Pere Noel was one of only seven new Pullips released last month. Pere Noel was one of the releases for this year’s Doll Carnival and was also used for Matsuya Ginza Department Store’s 2012 Christmas that included a life-sized (well 150 cm) version of Pere Noel – pics can be seen here.
Under the sparkling holy sky… Swiftly dance on the dream stage…Feel Like So.

Pere Noel was designed by Asami Kiyokawa who is famous for their ability to embroider photographs.

Pere Noel Pere Noel Pere Noel
The detailing on her stock especially the bodice is exquisite.  My only minor complaint with Pere Noel is her shoes, one was fine but the other didn’t seem to be cut correctly and fitted rather poorly.
Pere Noel
Her face up is quite lovely, I especially love the subtle shifting coloring around her eyes as well as her lips.
Pere Noel is French for Father Christmas which is a strange name for a girl doll but given her theme it does kind of fit her. I decided to name her Sugarplum because she is a Christmas themed ballerina so why not?
Such a sweet sight!
For those concerned about the potential fur content of her stock, the fur trim on the bottom of her dress feels like faux fur consistent with the stuff synthetic fur wigs are made out of.
Here’s a little known fact about me, I actually studied ballet for nine years and ever since then I’ve had a soft spot for ballerinas.
I absolutely love her color scheme. She even has white fingernail polish.
More photos of Sugarplum on my flickr.

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2 Responses to Arrival- Pullip Pere Noel

  1. Vanichu says:

    Great pictures! They’re so clean that I am able to see all the details on her clothes, lips, and eyes. I really really like how they did her eyelashes and eyeshadow. I just wish her eyelids had a light color though instead of nude. Perhaps having a pearl gradient would be pretty. *can’t wait until December*

    I managed to convince myself to buy her before Christmas. I have Christmas themed figures, so why have a Christmas themed doll as a new doll collector :3

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks so much, I try very hard to show dolls/toys in their natural state as more than a few times I ended up quite disappointed when I ordered a toy based on someone else’s photos only to find out extensive photoshopping had been at play >_< . Pere Noel was one of my favorite Pullip releases of last year (Froggy just beats her out though!) as she was just so beautifully done. I would have loved shimmer-y white lids on her unfortunately Groove doesn't always utilize the lids the best way and most of them are just nude with a little bit of eyeliner.

      Congrats, I hope the wait until Christmas isn't too hard.

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