Helter Skelter Pullip Ririko

I just finished reading the Helter Skelter manga last night, though I am not the biggest fan of the art style I thoroughly enjoyed the story even if it’s slightly disturbing. A film based on the manga came out in theaters over the summer and is being released on dvd/blu-ray later this month- you can view the trailer here . Pullip released a LE500 special collaboration doll of the main character Ririko in her iconic red dress that she wears during the film.
I bought Ririko from PullipDollDreams , it was my first time ordering from them though I had been aware of them for a while now. They happened to be the only US store with Ririko in stock when I was ready to order, I’m not exactly known for my patience so I decided to give them a shot and order from them. I was very impressed with the transaction Ririko was shipped out that day and was packaged very well (she even came wrapped in a bow) though Pullipstyle and Popfuzz will remain my primary pullip purveyors  I would also recommend PDD  without hesitation and will more than likely shop there myself again.

Ririko Ririko Ririko
Ririko’s stock is really nice quality, one of the few collaboration models where I felt like the extra cost was truly merited. My only complaint about her stock is that she has the cheapest looking, most generic Barbie shoes ever; they look like they belong on a $1 store knock-off Barbie rather than a doll that was nearly $150.
Ririko face up
I absolutely love her dramatic face up, particularly her eye make up. Please ignore the random dot by her right eye, it is not a flaw on her face up but rather something on my lens I didn’t notice until it was too late.
The dress is wonderfully constructed and absolutely gorgeous but holy hell the dress makes Ririko take up a ton of shelf space.  I’m personally only displaying her in the miniskirt and only breaking the train part of her dress out for photos as I am so tight on display space at this point.
Though her character may be rather despicable Ririko transformed into a doll beautifully.
I fear Ririko may have ended up looking a bit too sweet in my photos.
I disliked her shoes so much, I went through great pains to try and exclude them from my photos of her.
More photos of Ririko on my flickr

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