GSC Tomoe Mami

I haven’t been buying many anime figures lately, mostly because of lack of room but also because one of my major sources of anime goodies Animadness seemingly having closed up shop. Don’t despair, I still have a ton of anime figures I haven’t deboxed yet from Anime Boston and I still occasionally buy things like this lovely figure online.
Tomoe Mami
Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of the few newer anime that I really love and I have a hard time resisting the merchandise from it especially when it happens to be of my favorite character Tomoe Mami. 
Tomoe Mami
This figure of Mami was made by Good Smile Company and was released back in May. She is 1/8 scale and comes with an optional set of arms so she can be posed with or without her trademark guns.
Tomoe Mami
I love her elegant pose even if it does like a tad off from some angles.
Tomoe Mami
Fortunately, all the alternate angles are not so bad, I’m rather fond of this one myself.
Tomoe Mami
I love Mami’s cheerful expression.
Tomoe Mami
Mami with her guns, I have to say the details on the figure in general are awesome but the detailing on the guns is especially nice.
Tomoe Mami
Some additional pictures of her on my flickr

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