October Pullip Line Up Announced- Snow White Finally!

October’s line up of Pullip and company was  revealed this morning on Groove’s blog. All the dolls announced are continuations of sets we all knew that were coming eventually, Pullip and Dal belong to the long anticipated Snow White line while Taeyang belongs to the Alice du Jardin line.
Pullip Snow White

Hints about the Snow White line of dolls have been around as far back as January of this year when a sneak peak video of the line from Groove surfaced on Pullip.net– I already covered the video here way back in January. The Isul called Midnight Deja Vu who is supposed to be the wicked step-mother in disguise was released back in May but no further were made concerning any of the dolls getting released…. until today that is.
Pullip Snow White
Snow White MSRP is  12,600 yen, hopefully Pullipstyle will be able to offer her at a little bit nicer of a price than that. I am really excited about her even though if I didn’t know she was supposed to be Snow White I probably wouldn’t realize it. I love her look and her stock, the color theme is amazing… my only slight complaint is the shoes, they like to reuse this same mold a lot and frankly I am sick of seeing it especially since I already have five or six identical pairs in different colors (Xiao Fan, Lala, Sala, Sola and two or three others have these same shoes).
I love her apple purse, it is the perfect accessory for her!
Pullip Snow White
Her face up is really pretty I especially love her lips. I’m also excited to see a girl with really dark hair once, it’s been a while since we have seen a doll with black hair as there really haven’t been that many dolls released with dark hair.

Snow White will not be lonely in October as one of the dwarfs were announced as well namely Sentimental Noon. She will also retail for 12,600 yen.
Sentimental Noon
When the dwarfs were originally shown they were a bit more extreme, I believe Sentimental Noon is a toned down version of Cici.
Send in the clowns!
While I personally loved the idea of an army of creepy clown minions for my Duela pullip, I can certainly understand why they would choose to tone them down a bit ie. to make them more versatile and more appealing in general.
Sentimental Noon
I absolutely love what they did to Sentimental Noon as they made her into a very cute jester and I love jesters/clowns. I love her stock outfit and her entire color theme and the fact that she will look fantastic with Snow White as they have similar color schemes so I think they did a good job pairing the two to be released side by side. She will still make a great minion for Duela but she is super cute and will be extremely versatile outside of her clown stock ie. not limited by clown make up. Many people were reviled by the prototypes (I guess I am the only one who loves creepy clowns?) but now she seems to be completely inoffensive…
Nightmare fuel
Okay, I lied there are still some nightmarish aspects to her… namely the mask. At least it has the benefit of being removable though.
Sentimental Noon
Much more versatile than clown make up!

Finally the Mad Hatter du Jardin, who I believe is the last doll in the Alice du Jardin line so expect an announcement about another Alice in Wonderland line of dolls starting in another few months (I’m kidding, though we have so far seen no less than 22 dolls released in Alice in Wonderland themes not counting minis and we can argue over whether or not Puki should be added to that count).
Taeyang Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter will also retail for 12,600 yen. I’m not going to lie, he’s pretty nice looking I just wish his color palette wasn’t quite so feminine (I think it’s the floral ascot that annoys me the most). He does have a fabulous hat.
Mad Hatter
… and high water pants for some reason.
Taeyang Mad Hatter

Personally, my priorities for October are Dal then Pullip I will absolutely be getting both of them though the Taeyang I will probably get eventually but I am not particularly in a rush to get just because I don’t tend to fancy the boys as much.

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