SDCC Wishlist

I will not be attending San Deigo Comic-con this year, I have never actually attended mostly because I live on the east coast and tend to dislike travelling. Normally there are one or two exclusives that catch my eye but this year there are a ton of great exclusives sure to drain my wallet so I thought I would share some of my favorites (ie. the items I will be hunting down). In no specific order…

Polly Pocket Villains Set by Mattel
I didn’t even realize these were Polly Pockets at first glance, I thought they may have been a new line of adorable comic book figures regardless I simply must have them! Even though Harley Quinn is my favorite character, I think Poison Ivy is my favorite of this trio as she is just perfect. Managed to get from one of my SDCC sources~ thanks so much! 

My Little Pony Derpy Hooves by Hasbro
Derpy Hooves SDCC
I actually anticipate Derpy to be the hardest item on my list to acquire this year, due to her massive popularity with the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fan base. I really think Hasbro did a fantastic job with her and I hope I don’t end up paying too dearly for her as I must have her! Managed to get from one of my SDCC sources~ thanks so much!

My Little Pony Zecora glow in the dark by Hasbro via Toys R’ Us
A glow in the dark TRU exclusive version of Zecora, I always loved her character so this is a must get for me!

Arkham Asylum Black and white Joker Play Arts figure by Square/Enix
I have the regular version of this figure and absolutely love it, as soon as saw the black and white version I knew I had to have it to. I got off somewhat luckily with this one as Square/Enix offered a limited number of preorders on their website so I was able to get him at retail~ yay!

Monster High Scarah Screams and Hoodude by Mattel
MAT14781 tumblr_m5j0kpKxXo1rslrseo1_1280
Scarah Screams, the daughter of the banshee won the fan vote at least year’s SDCC and is being offered as this year’s exclusive. It was hinted that she might be bringing a date who has been subsequently revealed to be a plush version of the character HooDude. I always loved Scarah’s character retro character design so I am really excited to see her in doll form.

Wonder Woman Pullip & Batman Taeyang via JunPlanningUSA
P063-2 T231-1
I’m a huge DC comics fan and I love Pullips, I even already own custom versions of different DC villains and I adore my Catwoman/Batgirl Pullips this pair could not be more perfect for me! EDIT: I have preordered the pair from Popfuzz 

While I will not be attending SDCC next weekend, I will more than likely be attending Connecticon especially since it is all of like 35 minutes from where I live so look forward to photos next weekend 😛

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