PSA- Ebay username confusion

It come to my attention that there is someone using the username Pullipsandjunk on eBay, this is not me and this person is no way affiliated with me. I have never sold on eBay and have no plans to start in the future- In general I very rarely sell anything (ie. dolls)  and if I do rather than deal with fees I list anything up for sale either here,  Dolly Market or Den of Angels . My ebay username is palm9x I normally try not to share my ebay username as I like to keep quiet about the somewhat bizarre combination of purchases (ie. dolls/mlp/comics/computer parts) I make on my ebay account but when I noticed someone selling Pullips under the name Pullipsandjunk I figured I had better make it known that the person in question is not me and is no way affiliated with me.

And so this post isn’t completely a psa… here are some of my recent random ebay purchases
My Little Camel...
My Little Pony G1 Pony Pal Spunky the Camel
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn statue
and a custom Blythe I have named Wisp

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