Vocaloid Pullip Meiko

I haven’t blogged the arrival of a new Pullip in quite some time, it’s not that I haven’t bought any lately I have had several new arrivals unfortunately  I just haven’t had much time/energy to devote to photos of them. Vocaloid Pullip Meiko arrived earlier this week from Pullipstyle, she is the eighth Vocaloid collaboration doll released so far (not counting the Miku little Pullip).  Since I had some free time today, I decided to take photos and post her review.
Vocaloid Meiko

Pullip Meiko Pullip Meiko Pullip Meiko
Meiko comes with a headset as well as a microphone stand, the microphone stand is pretty nice quality the headset was rather troublesome. I found myself wishing her headset was more like Miku’s in design as the around the ears design did not seem to work out so well with pullip, I kept having to adjust them. Her clothing quality is quite nice.
Pullip Meiko Face Up
I really love her face up, the promo shots really had not done this pretty girl justice. I really like her smile and I absolutely love her eye make up.
Vocaloid Meiko
I have to admit I was pretty underwhelmed with the promotional photos of Meiko, being such a rabid Vocaloid fan I couldn’t resist buying her anyway- I am glad I did take a chance on her as I absolutely love her.
Vocaloid Meiko
Obligatory closed eye shot, she has really pretty eyelids.
Vocaloid Meiko
In addition to being a great representation of Meiko, I think she really has a lot of potential for versatility.
Vocaloid Meiko
More pictures on my flickr
Vocaloid Meiko

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