Pullipstyle Exclusive Big Pullip Froggy

Little Froggy was always one of the most popular of the original mini Pullip releases, so popular that many people have been wishing she would make the transition from mini to regular sized Pullip as Paja had. Pullipstyle had been rumored to be getting their own exclusive this fall, they made the official announcement last night their long overdue exclusive shall be Big Froggy.
Pullipstyle exclusive Froggy coming in the fall
Big Froggy is scheduled to be released some time in the fall, her preorders will open shortly after SDCC (San Deigo Comic-con which PS will be attending by the way). She will be a limited edition of only 400 and her preorder price will be $95. This post will be updated with more information as it becomes available.
Pullipstyle Exclusive Froggy
Froggy was always one of my personal favorites as she is adorable, she combines my two favorite colors green/orange and well I really like frogs. I liked Froggy so much in fact that I already own a custom Froggy Pullip as well as a dal and of course the classic mini Froggy herself. I am beyond excited about this release, quite possibly the best pullip release in over five years (I am not quite ready/willing to say I like her more than Papin yet but that could change). I am also super excited for Pullipstyle, they finally get their own exclusive after years of not only being the major source of Pullips in the US but also having an impeccable reputation as a seller (I’ve personally bought 100+ dolls from them without complaint).

I love how vibrant her color scheme is.

Back view of the Froggy outfit, wig.
She even comes with a cute set of pajamas.

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7 Responses to Pullipstyle Exclusive Big Pullip Froggy

  1. Emma Freed says:

    i’m beyond excited about her but nervous that i won’t get my hands on one! frogs are my favorite animal and orange and green are my fave colours too 😀

    • kleintoys says:

      While I do think Big Froggy will be very popular, I don’t think she will be that hard to attain last year’s Comic-con exclusives are still available on Pullipstyle as well as several other stores and they are LE500 each. I hope you are able to get her!

  2. Fenneki says:

    oooh, she’s very cool! I think I’ll try to get her when she’s up for pre-order;

    • kleintoys says:

      I was pleasantly surprised that she was announced, the mini was released so long ago I did not ever expect them to go back and make a full-sized doll of her.

  3. aglpsfan says:

    Ooh cute, will you be purchasing her?

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