New Monster High dolls- Operetta and Nefera De Nile

It’s been a while since I have posted about my Monster High dolls here, since I just recently got Operetta after looking for her for ages I thought this might be the perfect opportunity for a post featuring them.
Operetta is supposed to be the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, which strikes me as a little implausible ahead and overlook that for now.

Operetta has facial scarring it’s very stylized and in the form of music notes (this motif is repeated in the form of a tattoo on her arm), I really love how it looks on her but then again it would seem I have a thing for dolls with scars.
Operetta has fantastic rockabilly style, I love all the little musical motifs in her style even her eye piece/mask is in the shape of a music note.
Operetta’s pet is a spider, as much as I like him he is kind of a pain as I was not able to get him to stand up on his own :/
Operetta even comes with a guitar shaped coffin.
I love the details <3
I think the musical detailing on her is fantastic, I absolutely love her belt and chain.
Shoes <3
The heels on her shoes are musical notes, while I love a lot of the Monster High shoes this is the first pair that has really made me actively wished there was a human sized equivalent as I would definitely buy them.

Nefera Nefera De Nile is Cleo’s older sister. Nefera debuted a new body type that is taller than the normal one. On the one hand I applaud Mattel for debuting a new body on the other end of the spectrum she is a new size and absolutely nothing from the other dolls fit her including shoes (even with my vast doll shoe collection I have yet to find shoes to fit her).
Nefera De Nile
I love Nefera’s teal hair, I am actually really impressed with her in general my only real complaint with her other than lack of clothing/shoe options is her headdress which looks cheap and thus does not suit her at all.
Nefera De Nile
As a doll, I think I actually prefer her to her sister Cleo never quite looks as monsterous as any of the others but somehow Nefera just seems a little more unearthly than her.
Nefera & Cleo De Nile
Nefera with baby sister Cleo.
Nefera De Nile
The shoes are once again amazing.
More Monster High pictures are available on my flickr.

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