Arrival of Dollmore Lukia Coral Mirage Version

I actually have quite a few new members of my bjd family to introduce in addition to the plethora of other new dolls that I still need to introduce but Lucinda is so lovely that well she has inserted herself to the front of the line.
Lucinda is a Lukia Coral Mirage LE30 bjd made by Dollmore. Lukia is kind of unique because she has similar proportions to pullip, with a large scale head and smaller scale body. While I consider her to be a bjd due to her proportions and overall look she has been declared off topic by Den of Angels but my criteria of what a bjd is not quite as stringent as their’s so she is a bjd as far as I am concerned.

Lucinda is gorgeous but she is also very frustrating which I personally kind of see as it a good thing as I love projects and finding a way to deflop her is going to make for an interesting one. Lukia is exceptionally top heavy, her head is just way too heavy for her body it’s a design flaw I knew this when I got her as I got her secondhand and I knew of the  previous  owner’s struggles with Lukia.  The previous owner used kips to try and help stabilize her, I restrung her as soon as she arrived and while it did help a bit it did not help nearly as much as I had hoped it would. I am sure I will eventually find a way to stabilize her but I definitely would not recommend Lukia as a first bjd or buy another myself unless Dollmore somehow manages to fix her design flaws.
I had to get inventive while taking photos of Lucinda as she could not stand upright so most of these photos were taken by my laying the background down on the floor and taking aerial photos of her which led to some interesting angles.
Her stock outfit is actually quite nice although I did have some trouble getting one of the stockings up (it seems one was a bit tighter than the other) and I wish the top of her dress was a bit more modest (I had to try and rearrange the folds of lace to cover up her nipples ^^;).
Her face up is absolutely stunning.
Such a pretty girl.
Her body is so delicate looking.
I do not regret purchasing her as she is gorgeous and I knew what I was getting into but I wish Dollmore had taken more care when designing her.

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7 Responses to Arrival of Dollmore Lukia Coral Mirage Version

  1. nathan says:

    the cupcake back ground works strangely well for her.

  2. Cattwo says:

    Congrats on your Coral! I have Sky and I understand your frustration regarding her heavy head. We have a thread on The Resin Cafe board for her (under YOSD) and a fellow member was able to hot glue suede her in such a way as to make her head hold a pose better. I haven’t followed suit yet, but it’s something I plan to do, too. I can get mine to stand up fine as long as she’s against a backdrop. She’s still a super sweet doll and can wear most Barbie clothes very well.

    • kleintoys says:

      First sorry for delay, thanks so much for all the info ❤ I will definitely look into hot glue sueding her, I already restrung my girl as she was extremely floppy when she arrived to me but despite my best attempts it did not seem to help her stand up all that much better (I have a lot practice with the large headed dolls too so it's a bit frustrating). I still love her despite her flaw.

  3. Kiko says:

    Hi! I really wanted Coral but she’s sold out so should I get Sky instead?

    • kleintoys says:

      If you want, just be advised that although the Corals are exceptionally beautiful but she has very bad stability problems the only way I could take pictures of her was to lay her down as she was not able to stand.

  4. Wow… She is gorgeous! I’m trying very hard NOT to buy a BJD, as I still have a lot of Pullip dolls in my wishlist.

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks ^_^ BJDs are a slippery slope so be careful, you can’t have just one. It’s kind of sad how many pullip collectors leave pullip completely to pursue bjd. While I do collect bjd, pullip is still my true love ❤

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