Get- New Evangelion Asuka Figure!

Now for something you have not seen from me in a while, a new anime figure! I went to New York City over New Year’s and stopped at Midtown Comics. In addition to the various comics I picked up at Midtown Comics, I couldn’t help but snatch up this lovely new Asuka figure as soon as I saw her sitting on the shelf.
I haven’t been buying many anime figures recently due to lack of space in my apartment. More recently I have been limiting my anime figure purchases to the occasional online order and my semi-regular trips to  Animadness (speaking of which I plan on going this weekend).

Asuka is one of my all-time favorite anime characters, so I always have a hard time resisting figures of her so much so that I have far more Asuka figures than any other anime character.
This particular figure was made by Kotobukiya and was released in September of last year.
I will say that Kotobukiya has come a long way in the past few years with facial expressions especially with the eyes, something about the way that the eyes used to be painted made them seem flat and frankly a bit dead but this Asuka definitely seems to have that spark of personality in her eyes.
I love her joyful expression!

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