Arrival of Littlefee Rolly Red Hiding Hood!

I know my I’ve been busy shtick is getting a bit old but I am now working about sixteen hours more per week than I was previously… while it does mean more money, it also means significantly less free time to do anything else.
Anyway, unto tonight’s topic My Littlfee Rolly arrived just before Christmas. She did not come alone, I ended up ordering a Dollzone Flower Faerie from one of Dollzone’s past events from Denverdoll too but it already got sent away to be customized.
Rolly is actually my fifth Littlefee, my first bjd Marie was a Littlefee so I always have a bit of a soft spot for them. I love tiny bjds in general but the Littlefee/YoSD size are my absolute favorite size.
I decided to name her Hayley after the main character in Hard Candy as I had already used every other name evocative of Little Red Riding Hood I could think of with my various other LRRH  themed dolls.
Hayley’s face up is probably the most mature of all my tiny bjds, I just love how she even has a little bit of a smile.
Her default wig comes with detachable twin tails which I personally think is pretty cool as it is nice to have options, I had a hard time choosing which look I preferred though so I ended up photographing her both ways.
Tons more pictures of her on my flickr

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