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Sorry for my rather long sabbatical, I don’t really have a good excuse other than I have been very busy lately and had limited time to devote on my hobbies in general. I have a laundry list of posts I’m behind on, including several Pullip and Dal reviews as well as several other things but I decided that I am going to devote tonight’s post to My Little Pony.
Duela & her little pony friend <3

At first, when My Little Pony Friendship is Magic peaked my interest I decided I would collect a few of the G4 toys which rapidly turned into as many as I could get my hands on. I couldn’t really understand my attraction to them at first, they did  make me nostalgic for my own childhood MLP collection, they are adorable but most importantly compared to the bulk of my anime figure/doll collections they are pretty well indestructible which is important when you have a toddler with a nickname like zilla roaming the apartment.

Here are some of my latest additions to the growing herd of plastic ponies…
319/365 Pinkie Pie Christmas Tree Ornament
While there was not a Christmas themed pony released this year as there have been in past years, there was a Pinkie Pie Christmas tree ornament release. So far to the best of my knowledge the ornaments have only shown up at Toysrus I was lucky enough to get mine as an early Christmas present which was really lucky as my local store sold out of them lightning fast. There is also Friendship is Magic themed wrapping paper, after a disturbing amount of time digging through toysrus’s wrapping paper I managed to find only a single roll which I neglected to get pictures of before stashing away in the closet.
The Mane Six
I managed to complete my Fashion Style mane six pony collection, I was able to get Rainbow Dash (along with wave 4 of the smaller ponies) via Hasbrotoyshop during one of their sales Twilight Sparkle was much trickier. I had Twilight Sparkle preordered on BBTS but they canceled the order stating that Hasbro had canceled the item and since she hadn’t surfaced on Hasbro’s site at all I panicked. I had heard of a few people finding Twilight Sparkle in stores so I hit a total of seven stores before finally finding her in the last store that was even remotely local. I was so happy about finding her I gave a little victory squeal, I turned to leave the store only to come face to face with a very amused coworker who had seen my desperate searching of the shelves and my victorious exit. Thankfully I haven’t heard a peep from him at work about the pony incident yet, I did however come back to an unexplained box of MLP fruit snacks on my desk one day X_X
New Ponies!
I managed to snag all of wave 4 off of Hasbrotoyshop during one of their sales, my favorite is Honeybuzz but they are all pretty cute I just wish we had a bit more diverse color palette sometimes as I get awfully bored with pink/purple ponies (I would kill for a green pony) pretty quickly.
Twinkle Shine Honey Buzz Feathermay
Plumsweet Snowcatcher Flitterheart
My personal ranking would be Honeybuzz, Feathermay, Plumsweet, Twinkle Shine, Snowcatcher and Flitterheart.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic McDonald's Toys
I engaged in a bit of lunacy and tracked down all of the Friendship is Magic McDonald’s toys that were released earlier in the year. Traditionally the McD ponies are not that in demand and can be picked up quite cheaply, sadly this is not the case with the FiM McD ponies I paid about $35 for my set and that was quite cheap compared to the prices I had been seeing. I did end up buying one of the South American McDonald’s toys too but I haven’t taken any pictures of my light-up Pinkie Pie just yet.I need to take new pictures of my pony shelves…

328/365- Applejack Family Reunion
I decided I needed a G3 Applejack to go with the rest of my Applejack family (next target G1: Baby Applejack) which turned out to not be such a good idea as I  am now really liking G3 ponies and have a wishlist of like 30 + now.
G3 Applejack
G3 Applejack is awesome, I love her vibrant colors and the literal apple in her eye. I actually really love the colors they chose despite the fact that it makes her stick out like a sore thumb in the Applejack family photo.
Comic-con MLP 2009
Unfortunately for me, the same seller that I bought Applejack from had the Comic-con 2009 exclusive pony the same pony I had debated buying multiple times when I was not even collecting ponies as I thought she looked cool. The Comic-con 2009 Pony is a split between a hero and a villain as in hero pony on one side and evil pony on the other.
Comic-con MLP 2009
2009 MLP Comic-con Exclusive
What makes it even more awesome is it’s coloring/theme works really well alongside my beloved custom Pullip Duela Dent which didn’t even occur to me until I had the pony in my hands.

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