During summer of last year, I spotted a rather peculiar looking doll in the toy aisle. Back when they were first released they were known as Bitty Buttons but have since been renamed Lalaloopsy. I ended up buying one under the understanding that it was a lark, and I would only ever have the one; I ended up choosing Crumbs Sugar Cookie but it had been a very hard decision between her and Peanut Big Top. As time wore on I ended up picking up a second Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors and then I started to get into the minis a  bit then I guess a few more of the big ones wouldn’t hurt anything…. I decided I was finally going to get Peanut Big Top unfortunately she could not be found in stores and the prices on eBay were ridiculous for her, I even had friends in other countries looking for her with no luck.
Squirt lil' Top and Peanut Big Top
Apparently I was not alone in my plight as a lot of people complained about the unavailability of a handful of the earlier girls so they decided to do a rerelease so I pounced on the first reasonably priced Peanut Big Top I found online. Around the same time Toys R Us was offering a free shipping special and I happened to have a $20 TRU giftcard handy so I was able to get Peanut’s little sister Squirt Lil’ Top for a steal (I think I paid $1.45 out of pocket for tax). Coincidentally they both managed to arrive on the same day.

Squirt Lil Top & Peanut Big Top
They are so adorable together.
Squirt Lil Top
Squirt Lil Top is my first Lalaloopsy Littles doll, I have to admit these are probably going to be kind of dangerous to me as the only thing holding me back from unbridled dolly love with the larger Lalaloopsies is their inability to stand on their own. While the Littles are top heavy, they will actually stand on their own without too much of a fuss.

Squirt lil' Top and Peanut Big Top

Other recent Lalaloopsies..
Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises
I got Rosy Bumps ‘N” Bruises as a present recently, I had been wanting her since I saw her pop up in advertisements but hadn’t had any luck finding her in stores unfortunately. I was absolutely delighted when I got her as a surprise.
Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises
I really how unique she is, she has a cute retro style I especially love her hair since she doesn’t reuse any of the standard hair molds.

My only other recent Lalaloopsy acquisition has been the lovely Suzette Le Sweet. Suzette is limited edition, she costs more than regular Lalaloopsies but I don’t think she is particularly hard to find as every time I go to the store it seems like I see at least half a dozen of her sitting on the shelf. She is really cute but if I didn’t have a coupon I’m not sure I would have paid the full $30 Toys R Us wanted for her.
292/365 Suzette La Sweet
Even though she was expensive, she is quite adorable I love her color scheme and I think her pet Poodle may be my favorite of all the pets released so far.
Suzette La Sweet

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2 Responses to Lalaloopsy!

  1. Wasp says:

    I”m not sure where else to post this, so I’m just going to post it here. Sorry!
    I just noticed that Pullip Bloody Red Hood isn’t on Pullipstyle!! Do you know if they will get her back in stock before Christmas or if they will get her back in stock at all?!!

    • kleintoys says:

      Unknown, they have one last restock coming this week but I’m not sure if BRH is in it it would depend on when she stocked out ie. before they put their order or not. I doubt she is sold out completely.

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