Dia de Muertos custom Monster High

Requiemart made a series of three custom Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) custom Monster High dolls recently. While all three of the dolls were stunning, I instantly fell in love with Ghoulia  and well I was powerless to resist her…
Dia de Muertos Ghoulia
I still haven’t figured out a name for her just yet, so she is just Dia de Muertos Ghoulia ^^; I’m kind of hoping she remains my one and only Monster High custom doll but well who am I kidding? I already have a custom Lagoona too ^^;.

Dia de Muertos Ghoulia
Close up of her face, the way the lips are done is what absolutely killed my resistance they are just so perfect. The way her hair is done reminds me a bit of Dracula in the old movies it really adds to her unearthliness.
Dia de Los Muertos Ghoulia
I like her shroud a lot it allows her to keep some modesty and saves me from trying to find something that would work with her face up.
Boo! I love her painted on ribcage.
Dia de Muertos Ghoulia
To anyone interested in getting your own Dia de Muertos custom MH (only Frankie is left!) from Requiemart or any of the other  items from her new etsy shop I recommend you read her blog post first on them for a coupon code ^_-

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4 Responses to Dia de Muertos custom Monster High

  1. starrypawz says:

    Oh wow, she’s gorgeous.
    Saw your blog linked on MLPArena so I thought I’d take a look.

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks so much ❤ FiM seems to have revived my childhood love of ponies, I am spending an alarming amount of time hanging around the arena lately ^^;

  2. Woo really nice mod of lagoona blue.
    I really love it !

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