Coming Soon Lati Yellow!

Something rather unexpected has happened, I’ve very recently fell head over heels for Lati Yellows. I got a little bit of bonus money recently and while trying to decide exactly what I was going to do with the money, my thoughts just kept returning to Lati Yellows. I looked at all the releases and eventually picked out my three favorites Halloween Pumpkin Version Lumi and Christmas Elves Kuku and Lea then I tried my luck hunting them down on Den of Angels forum (very large bjd forum). While I did find quite a few Lati Yellows being sold on DoA none of them were the ones I had been looking for, I had remembered a friend recommending the Lati Yellow Adoption Yahoo Group to a mutual friend when they first became interested in Lati Yellows. I decided to try my luck there but not to get too hopeful, I  posted a WTB right before heading off to bed Saturday night (well early Sunday morning) and much to my surprise and delight I had a response offering me my first choice waiting for me when I woke up.
I’m officially getting the Halloween Pumpkin Version of Lumi, I am getting her as a fullset with all her option parts. Alas she probably will not be home in time for Halloween .

I fell in love with the Halloween version of Lumi at first sight, I loved her theme and I absolutely adored her colorful face up. I admittedly have a bias towards orange and/or green themed dolls and well she is perfect in both aspects.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so of course I have a weakness for a Halloween themed girl.
I’m hoping she fits in okay with my similarly sized pukifees and doesn’t start a whole new collection for me.

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2 Responses to Coming Soon Lati Yellow!

  1. tylfe says:

    This is surely one beautiful little girl. I’m a bit envious! 🙂

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