Transformers Mini figures

I’ve been seeing the Kre-O Transformers kits around for a while now, while I didn’t really care for the kits themselves I loved the Transformers mini-figures. Rather than buying all the kits myself, I turned to ebay and found an auction for all the mini figures by themselves and pounced. Transformers mini-figures
Of course, I may have committed some dolly related blasphemies with them.
274/365 D'aww

Bubbles plays with transformers
My Pukipuki Pong, Bubbles seems especially fond of the new Transformers mini figures.
Bubbles Smash!
Since Bubbles is the purest form of dolly evil it would only be fitting that she would team up with Megatron to take on Optimus Prime.
Let's all play with transformers!
Several of my dals, an isul and a byul all got together to play with the Transformers too.

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4 Responses to Transformers Mini figures

  1. R.A.D. says:

    I love the Kre-ons! My bf collects Transformers and I like to bug him by taking pictures of them with my toys. I have one of Megatron surrounded by My Little Pony and I sent it to him and said “Megatron is a brony!”

    • kleintoys says:

      Somewhere on my old hard drive are pictures of my hubby’s masterpiece transformers having a tea party with some of my Pullip Dolls. I must admit the Kre-ons are really nicely made for their size, the most fun transformer toy I have got in a while.

  2. Edhola says:

    I want this !
    It’s so funy ^^

    Were do you buy this?

    • kleintoys says:

      I bought the set on ebay, normally they come in larger Kre-o kits (one or two mini-figures per kit) but I didn’t really have any desire for the kits themselves so I started hunting for the mini-figures on ebay.

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