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I’m doing a combined post for all my recent My Little Pony photos etc as otherwise I fear they would overrun the entire first page.

I recently approached Requiemart about possibly making me, my first custom My Little Pony. Before Requiemart started customizing Pullips, she was a renown MLP customizer but most of her creative energy is now focused on Pullips and she doesn’t do many ponies anymore.
Photo by Requiemart, used with permission
My favorite episode from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series is “Party of One” where the normally hyper-cheerful Pinkie Pie experiences a mental break. I asked Requiemart to make me a psychotic version of Pinkie Pie as seen in “Party of One” and I am absolutely delighted how well she turned out. She looks delightfully demented, positively unhinged.. I need to start hunting down re-ment of a sack of flour and a bucket of turnips (I reckon I can find rocks and lint without having to resort to buying them). I can’t wait to pick her up at our next meeting.

Additional Pony photos and such behind the cut..

Toys R Us recently started carrying the “My Little Pony Collectible Ponies Set” which appears to be the US alternative to the blind bag ponies currently available in Europe.
Box shot
The set includes the mane six (Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy whom a lot of people seem very disappointed with) as well as six alternate or repaint ponies (Beachberry, Skywishes, Gardenia Glow, Peachie Pie, Coconut Cream and Sweetsong).
Back of the box
Back of the box for anyone interested..
248/365 MLP Pony Collection Set
Top Row: Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie
Bottom Row: Sweetsong, Coconut Cream, Gardenia Flow, Skywishes and Peachy Pie

Mane Cast
My main reason for buying the set was admittedly the Applejack mini-figure. Applejack is my favorite pony and I absolutely love her mini-figure. A lot of people seemed very disappointed with Fluttershy as she is just a repaint of Rainbow Dash rather than being a new sculpt, I guess her hairstyle was too difficult to properly in this scale for Hasbro.
My favorite of the repaints is Peachie Pie but I am also quite fond of Coconut Cream.

Speaking of Applejack…
I just recently got my grail vintage pony an absolutely minty G1 Applejack! I know that a G1 Applejack may seem somewhat mundane for most of the pony collector’s out there but my own childhood Applejack was afflicted with Pony cancer (weird plastic eating mold) as well as the two that looked mint from their ebay auctions/descriptions… I had given up on being able to get one in decent condition. Requiemart happened to find Applejack at her local swap meet, she is in absolutely spectacular condition too; despite her age she still has the fresh from the package smell.
261/365 Applejack
Of course, I had to take some pictures of her with some of my other Applejacks. The differences between the generations is pretty noticeable, it’s amazing how much smaller/more stylized MLP have become.
G1 Applejack with the blindbag Applejack.
Finally obtaining G1 Applejack doesn’t mean I am going to start collecting G1, she was an exception due to her being my childhood favorite I’m still trying to keep a narrow focus on collecting G4 otherwise I fear the ponies will overrun the doll room (it’s bad enough they have completely overtaken a bookshelf).

The latest additions to my herd came earlier this week, I picked up the Royal Ball at Canterlot Castle Set (which is remaining NRFB until I figure out where to put every pony) as well as the three ponies on a move figures.
I went to Target today... I may have bought some things ^^;
The ponies on the move series have been in stores for a few months now, while they had been on my wishlist I kept putting off their purchase until I started to realize that I was finding Rainbow Dash on the shelf less and less. It was the first time in over a month that I found all three in stock at the same store so I took it as a sign that it was finally time to pick up the set.
271/365 Ponies on the Go!

I absolutely love Fluttershy’s scarf.
Rainbow Dash
I’m not a huge fan of Rainbow Dash’s visor :/
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle’s helmet has a hole to accommodate her unicorn horn.

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  1. nathan says:

    Well now, that is quite alot of pony there. Now to get a second fashion pinky pie and do it up in psycho form! Now on to S2 E3 tonight……

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