Ordered! Fairyland Littlefee Rolly BJD

Fairyland just recently announced an Autumn event that runs through the end of October, they also introduced several new Bjds to entice people to order. New Bjd announcements include FeePle65 SeianMinifee Mirwen, Pukifees Zefi and Bonnie as well as Littlefees Chiwoo and Rolly. Had it not been for the Littlefees, I would have been blessedly safe from this event unfortunately Rolly proved too much to resist for me. I absolutely love everything about her, I even love her little Red Riding Hood theme (I think she will look spectacular next to my Volks Yo-SD Lorina).
I finally caved and ordered her earlier today through Denverdoll. I bought Rolly with her Red Riding Hood fullset and I opted to get her sleep face with a face up, I also ended up tossing in a set of Pukipuki ice skates so I could make the $450 barrier so I could get the Rolly event faceplate. Hopefully she will be home in time for Christmas ( normal Fairyland processing time is 8-12 weeks but I suspect during the event things will run a tad slower due to volume of orders) .

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