Pullip Paja x Rex

Toy Story is a favorite movie of the Zilla’s and since she has a weakness for dinosaur/Godzilla toys when I saw the Big Roarin” Rex made by Fischer Price I just had to get it for her. Once I got it home, I kind of had the idea that Rex and Paja should take some pictures together so with the Zilla’s permission I borrowed Rex for a little while.
245/365 Dino Roar!
Pullip Paja is still one of my favorite Pullip releases, their is just something so perfect about a Pullip in a dino costume. Paja was released way back in 2005, she was the first Pullip ever to go from being first being released as a mini Pullip to eventually getting a full-sized release. 
Dino, dino rawr!

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3 Responses to Pullip Paja x Rex

  1. Donna says:

    haha she’s cute~

  2. Edhola says:

    I love pullip Paja !
    It’s one of my dreams, but she’s very expensive now !!

    Your Paja is all the more cute as she with Rex ♥

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