Dal Clair

While I’ve actually had Dal Clair since last December, I just recently realized that somehow I never took any pictures of her. Once I realized I didn’t have any pictures of this cutie, I decided I had to get some posthaste.
243/365 Savannah
Clair was one of the dolls released as a part of a collaboration with Innocent World last year, I actually didn’t really care for her lolita stock (something about the coloring of her stock seemed off to me) so I bought her nude and put her in some handmade clothing instead.

I named her Savannah, as somehow she just seemed like a southern belle to me.
I absolutely love her face up, it’s just so sweet normally a lot of the lolita collaboration dolls face ups seem a bit bland but her’s is really lovely; I especially love her eye make up.
She is such a sweet girl, I feel absurdly guilty that I never took any photos of her before now ^^;

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