Lucky Star Miyuki Figure

I got this Miyuki figure from Lucky Star on my birthday, earlier this year but I just got around to deboxing her. She was made by Sega Prize and was released alongside a figure of Tsukasa. Miyuki is cosplaying Mikuru of Melancholy of Suzumiya, the Tsukasa figure she was released with cosplays as Yuki.
244/365 Miyuki
I love her nervous expression, coupled with the oversized glasses it is really just way too adorable.

I must admit I have a weakness for all of these cosplaying Lucky Star figures, my favorites are still the Lucky Star x Macross Frontier figures released by Banpresto a few years ago.
For a Sega Prize figure the paint job on her is exceptional, it’s really a great little figure for under $20.

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  1. I was a bit annoyed that they had Tsukasa cosplaying as Yuki 😦 Konata was already cosplaying as Yuki! I wanted Tsukasa in her own equally adorable outfit.

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