Monster High Abbey Bombinable

I recently went to Michigan, after hearing reports that there had been sightings of the newest Monster High doll Abbey Bombinable I decided that I was going to find her on my way back from Michigan even if it meant stopping at every Toys R Us we drove by on the way. While I did find some other nifty things like the Mad Love Joker and Harley Quinn two-pack of figures as well as new My Little Pony Friendship is Magic toys, I never did find Abbey that is until I got home… A few days after our return I stopped at our local Toys R Us after work, I had planned on being there at opening but I still felt kind of discouraged so I decided not to and only stopped there after work as almost an afterthought- I’m glad I did, I not only found Abbey but I found two of them (the other is going to my dolly bff).
238/365 Abbey
Abbey Bombinable is the daughter of the yeti, she is the twelfth character introduced in doll form.

I love the multi-colored undertones in her hair.
Abbey comes with her pet mammoth Shiver, who is absolutely adorable.
I think Abbey is my favorite doll as a full package, her outfit perfectly suits her and she is quickly becoming my favorite of the dolls.
More pictures here.

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