Dal Darony

I finally bought Dal Darony from Pullipstyle recently. As much as I loved the Dal ever since prototype photos of her first surfaced I loathed her stock after unsuccessfully trying to find a split partner, I found her in the dentbox section on Pullipstyle and finally caved and bought her. I’m really glad I did because once she is outside of her stock she is downright adorable.
Since she did come in a dog suit, I decided to name her after one of my childhood pets so her name is Shadow.

Darony Darony Darony

Darony's face up
Darony has a nice face up, it reminds me a little of Sooni’s as well as Cinnamoroll’s so she would make an awesome sister for either of them.
Darony Stock
The offending stock, I mean it’s not absolutely horrible but it’s impractical, it’s hard to get on after it has been removed and most of all it’s just not cute. I normally like the Pullips/Dals in animal costumes but this one somehow just seemed like a misfire to me, it probably didn’t help that I wasn’t entirely sure if she was supposed to be a dog or a cow at first.
Shadow stole some clothes from one of my Monster High dolls, I think it suited her pretty well that is a lot better than her stock anyway.
I wish her hair was just a big longer (this seems to be a popular length for Dal wigs) so I could have had a little bit more fun playing with it but I liked the side ponytail I eventually settled on.
Some additional pictures of her on flickr.

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2 Responses to Dal Darony

  1. Haii! I just got my pullip romantic alice from the mail and she has really ling tangly hair. Any ideas on how to keep it in shape? thanks!

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