Evangelion Witches

I’ve had these witch figures of Rei and Asuka for almost five years now. They were released by Sega Prize way back in November of 2006, in 2008 a new version of these figures  “Okama” were released with new face sculpts and slightly different poses.
240/365- Witches
Over the years, countless figures of Rei and Asuka figures have been rereleased with different themes it’s really kind of amazing. If I remember correctly, I picked up this set at Rising Sun Creations. These came out exceptionally well for Sega Prize figures, I was particularly impressed with Asuka’s fun pose and the way the bases were sculpted.

Witchy Asuka
I absolutely adore this Asuka figure, I love how she is posed this figure is just so lighthearted and whimsical.
Witchy Rei
Rei is a bit more demure, her pose almost reminds me of the classic Bewitched opening cartoon.

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2 Responses to Evangelion Witches

  1. I’m still very fond of these too, I like to put them on a higher shelf so they look like they’re flying overhead!

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