Mini Lalaloopsies

I really am trying to keep focused with collecting American toys, really I just want to collect Batman toys, My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic toys and Monster High dolls and that’s it… I really like Lalaloopsies and they are unfortunately they are almost always next to the My Little Ponies in the store . I’ve thankfully been pretty good with not be tempted by the larger ones as they are well large and I really don’t have the space to accommodate a collection of them unfortunately they also make minis.
Mini Lalaloopsies
The minis are all kinds of adorable and the best part is they are tiny, they take up like no space whatsoever so I can have however many I want.

237/365 Mini Lalaloopsies
From left to right we have Marina Anchors, Tippy Thumbelina and Misty Mysterious. I’ve had Peanut since June, right before going on vacation I picked up the mini Marina Anchors to go with my larger Marina and I just purchased Tippy Thumbelina and Misty Mysterious since I’ve been back from vacation.
Tippy Thumbelina
Tippy Thumbelina has a ballet theme, she even comes with a swan companion (Haha the ballet Swan Lake, get it?). I used to dance ballet myself so I couldn’t help but be drawn to her.
Tippy Thumbelina
I really love her bright coloring.
Misty Mysterious
Misty Mysterious is a magician, she is pretty darn adorable my only complaint with her is that I wish her top hat could actually fit on her head.
Misty Mysterious
In a lot of ways, I really prefer the minis over the large Lalaloopsy I mean yes they are smaller so I can more realistically accommodate them but they also come with a lot more accessories than their larger counterparts, who just come with their animal companions. I also find the whole being unable to stand unassisted thing to be a whole lot less infuriating with the smaller lalaloopsies than with the larger ones which can be a pain to balance.

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