Mad Love Joker & Harley Quinn Figures

After taking a little bit of a break from comic reading while I was focusing on reading and then rereading the A Song of Fire and Ice book series (which coincidentally is becoming a comic book as well in the not to distant future) I caught up over this past weekend. I finally read through the end of Gotham City Sirens (a bit disappointing) as well as Batman and all of the Arkham City comic, I also read through a whole stack of new trade paperbacks including the new Red Hood book among other things.
How did I spend my Sunday afternoon?...
What resparked my interest? well other than the release of Catwoman and Batgirl Pullips while hunting down the later Monster High doll release I happened to go over to the action figure aisle and notice a new Matty Collector box set of figures featuring Joker and Harley Quinn. I was completely blindsided, I missed whatever announcement there was about these being released I absolutely love Joker and Harley Quinn, hell Mad Love is one of my all-time favorite comics so I immediately pounced on them. They had two sets, I would have bought both (one to keep in the box, one to take out) but one of the Harley Quinns had a major paint issue if I notice the set at my local TRU I am definitely picking up another set.
231/365 Mad Love
I kind of wish Harley Quinn’s joints were a bit more forgiving so I could have copied the pose on the cover of Mad Love more effectively.

Harley Quinn and Joker
These figures are not the same sculpt as the ones that come in the Mad Love comic box set that came out a few years ago (which is now next to impossible to find in stores), Harley Quinn and Joker appear to be repaints of their DC Universe classic figures.
Harley Quinn & Joker
I believe I paid about $32 for the set, which really isn’t bad as the DC Universe Classics figures normally tend to run around $16.99 each. Considering how hard it is to get a hold of the Harley Quinn figure these days, the price is a steal (Joker recently got rereleased in the best of line so he is slightly easier to come by).
I love the detailing on the mallet.
Harley Quinn and Joker

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