My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Luna and Celestia Toys

New My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic toys have started showing up in stores here in the states. I was pleasantly surprised to find a huge new MLP display in Target during a recent trip there, apparently several of the new toys are a part of the Canterlot collection which is a Target exclusive. Items range from various pony toys, art kits, child sized tshirts (which I, of course had to get for the zilla), dress up stuff and some animatronic pony toys (which personally scare the living hell out of me).
222/365- My Little Ponies Luna and Celestia
My personal favorite of the new toys released is the Celestia and Luna two-pack of fashion styling ponies.More pictures under the cut..

Luna & Celestia
As much as it still kind of weirds me out to see ponies wearing clothes and shoes (I think the shoes bother me more than clothes, way too impractical) I rather like their outfits.
Celestia is normally a lot more lanky so it’s kind of neat to see her with the more standardized G4 pony body. I’m still annoyed with the decision to make Celestia toys pink even though use a white Celestia on the boxes as well as the huge in-store display.
Honestly, we didn’t see that much of Luna in the first season of FiM after the first two episodes she disappears. I rather liked her character, so I was quite excited when I heard that she is supposedly going to be putting in some more appearances next season. I know it would probably never happen but I would love a Nightmare Moon toy eventually.
Luna & Celestia
I’ve also picked up the Applejack’s apple truck and the other Celestia and Luna two-pack as well as all the t-shirts, the storybook and duplicates of everything I bought for myself for the zilla who celebrates her third birthday next week.

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