189/365- Ddung dolls

I caved and bought another of the mini Ddung dolls from Truefan, after getting Alice of Alice in Wonderland I just had to have Little Red Riding Hood too. I was pleased that Little Red Riding Hood turned out to be quite similar in appearance to my larger Ddung Swiss Alps doll, LRRH almost looks like she could be a mini of Swiss Alps. The two were so alike I decided to feature them as my picture of the day (a few days ago now).
189/365- To Grandma's house we go
They look like they are heading off to Grandma’s house together to deliver some cookies.

Little Red Riding Hood Mini Ddung
Like Alice, Little Red Riding Hood comes with a little finger puppet friend as well this time a wolf. Unfortunately while Alice’s White Rabbit friend was pretty good about standing up on his own, the wolf Little Red Riding Hood comes with is a bit too top heavy so I actually had to have him on my finger for this shot which took some awkward positioning.
All three of my Ddungs, I’m kind of hoping I am done collecting Ddung I’m pretty content with the three I have now and I was extremely lucky to find them up for sale from a seller I trust. With so many bootlegs floating around on eBay I am too afraid to buy from there and the few sellers that look legitimate are in Korea, I’ve had such horrible luck with international transactions lately I’m not sure if I want to chance it. If I ever see more pop up for sale within the doll community, especially a mini Frog Ddung I might consider adding more to my collection.

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3 Responses to 189/365- Ddung dolls

  1. Wasp says:

    Where do you get Ddung dolls? I absolutely love the Swiss Alps and Little Red Riding Hood. Thanks!

    • kleintoys says:

      I bought them from Truefan, who had some leftover after a doll event she just recently made a forum just for Ddung dolls http://ddung.forumotion.com/ . I’ve heard that if you buy them on ebay avoid the Chinese sellers as they sell only bootlegs, the Korean sellers like Miss-Pinkheart sell the genuine articles.

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