Comic-con Exclusive Pullips Catwoman and Batgirl Announced

San Diego Comic-con is a little bit later this month, there have been rumors floating around since this past winter’s Doll Carnival of  SDCC exclusives Batgirl Pullip and Catwoman Dal. I love DC comics and I love Pullip so I was really excited when the rumors first started but clear pictures never really surfaced of the two dolls. I started to wonder if that meant they failed to get the licensing agreement worked out but my fears were all for naught as pictures have finally surfaced.

Batgirl As the deep black cape flutters behind me…. I will run though the dark night…. I will protect the peace of GOTHAM CITY….Feel Like So
I am absolutely amazed with Batgirl and could not be happier with her, she looks just how I always pictured a Batgirl Pullip in my head (okay she was a bit bustier).
SDCC Exclusive Batgirl
Okay, I do have one slight complaint I wish the bottom part of her mask wasn’t quite so pointy as it looks kind of awkward from some angles.
Batgirl’s face up is gorgeous and I think it really suits Babs’ character wonderfully, the face up isn’t too overly done up or dramatic and she has a wonderful smile.

Catwoman  Like a wild cat…. I blend into the night in a carefree manner…. I will get anything I want…Feel Like So
Catwoman is amazing too, it’s an awesome rendition of the newest Catwoman costume I just wish Pullip filled out the costume a little bit more (type 4 are rather flat chested unfortunately).
I hope she comes with that whip!
I must admit, Catwoman looks a bit crazed without any of the headgear on; I’m not really complaining about it as it will make her fit in more with my custom Harley Quinn Pullip.

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6 Responses to Comic-con Exclusive Pullips Catwoman and Batgirl Announced

  1. Regarding Cat Woman’s whip, if you look carefully, you can see that it’s actually her belt. Definitely going to come with the doll.

    • kleintoys says:

      Oh, it is! I just noticed that when you said it. I just hope Groove doesn’t change things last minute on these two like they did with Snow Miku release.

  2. Alex says:

    Catwoman looks amazing. Hope you all do a Huntress next year!

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m personally hoping they will do boy dolls next year and actually do Batman and Robin. I had plans to do my custom Catwoman, since they announced an official one I have scrapped them and have decided to Huntress instead.

  3. WOW! They look great! It’s a shame they’re limited!

    • kleintoys says:

      I understand Pullipstyle is getting a limited number of them, I’m hoping to double up on Batgirl (and buy a 1/6 wheelchair so I can have an Oracle and Batgirl) and get a Catgirl. I think PS is going to cap them one per customer but I am already in negotiations with a different source for Batgirl/Catwoman so I would more than likely only have to directly buy one.

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