176/365- Custom Bunny Dal Carrot

Another unexpected little arrival came this past weekend, namely Carrot. Carrot is a custom bunny dal, I unfortunately do not know who customized her. For a dal she is quite happy, her lips have been carved to make her smile a bit more than frowny dal normally would.  She came to me wearing modified Raphia stock (bunny ears and several pieces of fruit were added), I ended up taking it in just a tad so it would fit dal better. 177/365- Carrot
Carrot is way too adorable for words, I have a weakness for bunny dolls in the first place but there is just something special about her.
I ended up taking her to the park for some pictures, as the woodland setting just seemed to suit her.
Never trust a smiling dal, a smile can only mean she is up to mischief. Carrot

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4 Responses to 176/365- Custom Bunny Dal Carrot

  1. Wow, I think she REALLY looks great with a bit of a smile!

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks ❤ I've actually got a handful of other custom dals but this is my first dal with a bit of a smile.

  2. Joyce True says:

    Hi, I need a customize my Angry Dal and make will add color to her lips and give her a smile. Please help me if you can.

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