160/365- Dal Kanta

Pullipstyle is currently moving across the country from Illinois to Arizona, in preparation for their big move they attempted to downsize their inventory a bit so they offered some fantastic deals on some of the less popular members of the Pullip family of dolls. I had been wanting Kanta for a long while and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally get my hands on her.
160/365 Syrio

Kanta is actually quite cute but she isn’t very popular, I could only find a handful of owner photos of her. I hate it when I can’t find any owner photos of certain dolls, it was one of the major things that spurred me to collect all of the different Pullips; I loved them all but some of them I couldn’t find a single owner photo of (at the time) and it really bothered me so I always try and make the effort to take lots of pictures.

Kanta was released in August of 2010, she was part of a set Eastern themed dolls released last year which also included  Saras and Watti.
Kanta Kanta
Kanta comes with a jeweled turban, a sword and quite possibly the most epic Dal shoes ever.
Kanta Face Up
She has reddish brown eyes and very delicate/feminine looking eyelashes. Her lips are kind of neutral. Her face up is quite nice but also pretty neutral so she would probably look great with just about any color of wig, if one was to rewig her that is.
I decided to name her Syrio after a relatively minor character in Game of Thrones, it just seemed to have the right ring to it.
I also decided it was time to bust out my camels from Bahrain for some photos with my little Syrio.
Of course, camels are such unwieldy beasts she was having a hard time leading him.

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2 Responses to 160/365- Dal Kanta

  1. Avalon says:

    I love this photoshoot. I also have a kanta, and like you, had a hard time finding owner pics (In the end I bought her on a spur of the moment)
    She’s a wonderful girl. I’ll try and take loads more pics of her as well, the poor girl needs more people owning her! I think she looks a lot better with different eyechips though.

    I think I’ve mentioned on your flicker but I’ll say it again, I loooove the camel.

  2. Yuki says:

    Dal kanta is a lot like dal Satti… •^•

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