161/365- FLCL Canti

I love both the anime and manga of FLCL, there was unfortunately never very much merchandise  from it. Besides a few wall scrolls, a Haruka plush that was autographed by the Pillows (they sing the opening song of FLCL) all I really have is a Canti figure I got from Hot Topic years ago. In 2007 there were several different iterations in various paint jobs of this Canti figure released as limited exclusives this was the Hot Topic exclusive. I had saw this Canti around for a while, I really loved his paint job but I had not really wanted to pay $70 for him, fortunately he eventually went on clearance and I managed to get him during a take an additional 50% off sale so I may have paid all of $20 for him back in the day. 
161/365- Canti
I realized that I had never taken photos of him so I decided to feature him as one of my pictures of the day.

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