159/365- Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls

Due to my addiction to the hyper-cuteness of the new My Little Pony show, I decided to start searching for more of Lauren Faust’s artwork which led me to her deviant art page. I didn’t find much My Little Pony art but I discovered something else called Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls, when I saw a picture of Lauren Faust herself with the dolls it stirred a vague memory of having seen one of the very same dolls at my local ToysRUs. The dolls were originally a FAO Schwarz exclusive but FAO got bought out by TRU so now the dolls are also available through TRU as well. I immediately looked up the dolls online and saw that they were now on clearance at TRU for $20 each, I was just going to order Mars and maybe Milky Way initially but I realized that I would end up buying them all eventually anyway so I kind of ordered all of them. 159/365- Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls
I actually went to my local TRU the next day to hunt for more toys (ie. the MLP balloon I posted about a few days ago) and I was able to see most of the dolls in person (they were sold out of Venus). I was shocked by how large they were, I had saw the picture of Lauren Faust but somehow I did not really realize that they would in fact be dollfie sized (approximately 22 inches tall). I absolutely loved them and had a hard time not walking away with a Mars even though I knew I had one coming in the mail.No regrets whatsoever about ordering these, hell I’m still hoping the other dolls get produced eventually (especially the Sun <3).
Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls

Mars is my personal favorite of the Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls crew, she is just way too adorable and I love her “weird and proud” attitude.
Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls- Mars
Admittedly these girls are a little challenging to photograph as they are essentially plush dolls they don’t have any skeleton to help hold them up (I need stands!).
Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls- Venus Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls- Jupiter Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls- Pluto
I love that each doll is unique, their hair is is even made out of different textures ie. Milky Way has ribbons for hair while Mars hair is almost silky .
Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls- Milky Way
A few short animations were even made, here is my personal favorite.

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