158/365- Pukipuki Poseidon Arrival

My Pukipuki Poseidon is home. I managed to pay him off a bit early, I was able to obtain him via layaway through Denverdoll. Poseidon was made by Fairyland, he was one of two mer-pukipukis (the other was Loreley) that Fairyland recently rereleased  for a limited time.
158/365- Pukipuki Poseidon
I had been toying with the idea of getting an anthro bjd but was hesitant to try something so different from what I am used to, the rerelease of the mer-pukis seemed like perfect timing. Poseidon is a perfect balance between something old and something new for me; I know I already love Pukipukis but Poseidon is still something quite different and unique for me while not being something totally new.

Pukipuki Poseidon
I decided to name him Teak, after a mer-character in the Sea Prince and Fire Child anime.
Pukipuki Poseidon
Photographing him was a bit of a challenge honestly, right now my camera is essentially broken so photographing anything is hard but he was also a challenge to pose and it took me a while to find a good background for him. Unfortunately his little shell stand that he comes with didn’t seem to be all that much help when it comes to keeping him upright but eventually I think I got the hang of posing him. I actually ended up using a spare shower curtain as a background for his photos (neccesity is the mother of all invention).
Pukipuki Poseidon
As frustrated with him was I was in the first few moments of trying to photograph him, I’m glad I took a chance and got him as I absolutely love him. He is way too adorable and I absolutely love his mertail.I intend to clear out one of my old beta fish bowls and display him in it.
Pukipuki Poseidon

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3 Responses to 158/365- Pukipuki Poseidon Arrival

  1. LibertyLove says:

    Hey there! I have a decision to make and I think your opinion could help me choose. I have 160$ saved up to buy a doll. I already have 2 Pullip dolls, and I want to expand my collection. I also want a pukipuki Pong Pong. I am having a hard time deciding whether to get another Pullip and put the rest of the money towards a wig for my custom-in-process or get a pukipuki and start a new collection. Thanks in advance.

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, it’s different for everyone and based on your own preference personally if it was me at this moment I’d go for Pukipuki Pong Pong as they are adorable . But it depends on you, do you like small dolls? Small dolls are a little bit different to handle I get frustrated sometimes posing the pukipukis I like the Pukifee/Lati Yellow size better as they are easier to handle for me yet are still small and cute. Pukipukis can wear Kelly (little sister of Barbie) clothing so they are roughly the same size. Pukipukis tend to hold their value a little bit better than Pullips. Costs will add up fast for a pukipuki though as you will need clothes, shoes, wig and eyes if you don’t like the ones it shows up in. Pullips I assume you already have some stuff on hand, you didn’t mention which ones you were considering.

      • LibertyLove says:

        Thanks for replying. I have Pullip Miku and a custom doll and with the money i was considering getting either a Merl or a Hannah. I still am leaning towards a Pukipuki though (´・◡・`;). I looked at pong pong and I am in LOVE. Cutest sculpt on a tiny I’ve seen so far 。◕‿◕。. I just wanted to thank you again and I think I’ll save up a bit more for a different wig and eyes since O already have some cute Kelly clothes. Thank You!

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