Pullips for Sale- Suiseiseki and Afternoon

I’ve had these two dolls since around Christmas-time but I have yet to really do anything with them so it’s time for them to move on.
That's it you two have broken the last straw, both of you get out!
Details behind the cut

There are links to my various feedback on my feedback page. I have a non-smoking but a formerly cat friendly home (cat died a while ago slight chance at phantom cat hair). I prefer to ship within the US as I tend to ship from the post office at my workplace and they only ship domestically, I work odd hours so I can not guarantee internationally shipped packages would get out in a timely fashion so I would prefer to avoid the whole headache and not ship internationally I ship Tuesdays- Fridays and in most cases I will be able to ship out the next day, possibly even same day if you catch me early enough in the day.

Both dolls will be sold nude and bald

Pullip Afternoon- $85 shipped via priority within the US

Pullip Suiseiseki- $65 shipped via priority within the US

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7 Responses to Pullips for Sale- Suiseiseki and Afternoon

  1. Meg A says:

    are you still offereing the Suiseiseki pullip? How much would you charge for shipping? Thanks,

    • kleintoys says:

      Shipping is included within the US but she is currently on hold, I just sent a message to the person she is hold for earlier today if she backs out I can email you if you like?

  2. Meg A says:

    Also, would you accept paypal?

  3. Meg A says:

    I would love it if you could e-mail me, thanks so much

  4. sweetnsourgirl4ever says:

    Is Suisuieiki bought?!? I like her, but can you possibly add a wig?

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