148/365 Animadness Again!

This past Saturday we decided to take a run up to Animadness, an anime store in Waltham, MA. I live in southeastern CT so it’s about a three hour trip for me each way,  I don’t get to go all that often because of the distance. Realistically it is probably a good thing it isn’t closer as I would constantly be broke if I could just swing by after work every day.
The last time I went to Animadness was back in February, it’s amazing how much new stuff has come and how much old stuff has gone since then.

There is an upcoming pullip meet on June 18th at Animadness, after seeing how much their stock got decimated at Anime Boston I wanted to check and see how their restocks were doing. They have a nice mix of newer (Vocaloid set!) and older dolls (I have never seen a Noir on the shelf before :O )
They are anticipating another batch of pullips and company before the meet. Of course they just happened to have Vocaloid Len, who I had preordered through Entertainment Earth but canceled due to delays. Len absolutely had to come home with me to complete my Vocaloid set.

I like to take pictures of the store, I know I get a bit ambitious with my roadtrips sometimes (I’ve driven all over New England in search of comic book shops) so I figured I would make it easier on other, perhaps less adventurous people and share pictures so they have an idea of what to expect and so people can see that this store is so worth the trip.
They have a large selection of gashapon, petite nendoroids, blind-box figures and keychains.
Various wall scrolls/posters
@ Animadness
Various anime figures behind the wall scrolls/posters mostly prize figures like Banpresto/Sega Prize. There were lots of Evangelion and K-on figures.
There is also a good selection of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff mixed in with the anime figures.
The other side of the same section, with even more anime figures from Death Note/ Fate/Stay Night etc.
Figure display case-I was especially tempted by the Tony Taka version of Miku from Vocaloid, I had a really hard time resisting her but there were a lot of other really lovely figures too like Yui from K-on!.

Lots and lots of anime figures including Vocaloid, Black Rock shooter figure, lots of Playarts and Shunya Yamashita bishoujo series.
Lots of nendoroids/figmas/revoltechs.
Their entire back wall is made up of various Gundam kits.

That isn’t even all of the store they also carry a large selection of plushes, some anime dvds/cds and even more. You can see more pictures from my trip on Saturday on my Flickr. Their prices are quite reasonable and all their merchandise is official (ie. no bootlegs) and no, they don’t bribe me to give them a good write-up I am legitimately impressed by them.

Now without further interruption, the picture of the day is my loot from Animadness/ Toy Vault. I had intentions to go Outer Limits as it right down the street from Animadness as they always have some cool older comic book stuff unfortunately they were closed for the holiday (T_T) so we stopped at Toy Vault on the way home.
148/365- Animadness/comic book shop haul
From Animadness:
– Love Hina Manga volumes 13-14 (I’ve had 1-12 for what seems like forever but somehow never bought these two, with Tokyopop’s eminent demise I thought it prudent to finally buy them).
– Vocaloid Len Dal
– Black Rock Shooter Gold Saw Figma
– Black Rock Shooter plush keychain
– Gurren Lagann Yoko keychain x 2
– Gurren Lagann Dogtags
– Evangelion Asuka Plush

I hadn’t really planned on getting much at ToyVault but they were having a sale because of the holiday, 25% off superhero toys and buy one get one free all trade paperbacks. To be fair everything but the figure set was on my eventual wishlist, the figure set I had never actually seen before had I known of it’s existence it would have been on my wishlist.
– Women of the DC Universe- Catwoman Bust
– Batman/Superman- Super Heroes vs Super Villains figure set
– Batman- Death and the Maidens Tradepaperback
– Batman- Dark Victory

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6 Responses to 148/365 Animadness Again!

  1. Avalon says:

    I envy! We don’t have any shops like this unless I want to travel for 7-9 hours each way on a train to London.
    It really looks like a fantastic shop.

    • kleintoys says:

      This store is fairly new, before this I could really only find anime shops when I vacationed in California for the most part. They are becoming a bit more common in the states now but most are limited to major cities (this one is right outside of Boston).

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    LOVE the Yoko keychain! And I’m really looking forward to seeing more images of that Catwoman figure

    • kleintoys says:

      I still love a good anime keychain, I almost always lose my keys so the more keychains the better chance I have of spotting it. I’m getting backed up on photographing my comic book stuff ^^;

  3. chloi... says:

    do u live in fairfield county???

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