147/365- Vocaloid Rin Dal

I had originally preordered the entire Vocaloid set from EntertainmentEarth but they got delayed and well patience was never one of my strong suits, luckily Pullipstyle had the set in stock. I bought Rin from Pullipstyle, I had intentions to buy Len from PS this week as well but well that is a story for another entry ^_-
147/365 Vocaloid Rin
I wasn’t originally sold on the idea of Rin being a Dal as it didn’t seem to suit her personality but I must admit, Rin is really quite nice in person.

Rin in the box Rin in the box Rin in the box
I think her stock is pretty accurate, it seems a bit better quality than Miku’s although that could just be because of Miku’s horrid boots. I think the stock made the transition over to 1/6 size pretty well overall. Her little hair things are kind of a pain, I was worried about my placing them correctly but even more worried about my possibly destroying her wig if I tried to fix them. One, of my biggest pet peeves with her is that she comes with a cute little microphone she can’t hold, I wish they would have included a grippy hand with her as an extra as there is no way for her to hold it.. I had even thought of switching out her hand for a grippy one for photos but her orange nailpolish made even that impossible.
Rin in the box
I like her face up a lot, it reminds me of some of the other dals that were based on anime characters like Kanaria.
Vocaloid Rin
Rin is just too adorable for words.
Vocaloid Rin
After having issues with Arion’s tattoo, I decided not to take any chances and sealed her tattoo so it wouldn’t accidentally get damaged like my Arion’s did.
Vocaloid Rin
She is quite smiley for a dal.
Vocaloid Rin

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