146/365- Meet the new dolls!

There was a sales post that caught my eye recently, someone was wanting to get out of pullip to get into blythe. I had always been partial to that particular dal and well since I don’t really do all that much with my blythes so I contacted her about the doll she had up for sale. We ended up trading three dolls in total; I received an Another Soldier Rabbit, a Paja and a Monomo in trade for three of my blythes.
146/365- Meet the new girls!
From left to right: Paja (rewigged/rebodied with obitsu), Another Soldier Rabbit (rewigged) and Monomo.

Ollie, the rewigged Another Soldier Rabbit is the one that started the trading frenzy. I had noticed her before in her previous owner’s photos and had been pretty smitten. She has a great love of Spongebob Squarepants, so needless to say she fits right in here with the Spongebob-loving zilla.
<a title="Ollie loves Spongebob <img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2718/5763031005_f0d22ac8e5.jpg&quot; alt="Ollie loves Spongebob
I can’t get over how seriously adorable she is, the little Spongebob dress she came in looks marvelous against her skintone. She even came with a cute little dal-sized Spongebob plush.
I kept the other two dolls names that the previous owner had given them but I decided to give Jordyn the Paja a nickname. Paja was accordingly nicknamed Jaja so she would fit in with my other Pajas.
Paja is one of my very favorite stock pullips, I adore her face up- green and orange are my favorite colors and her face up manages to use both without being gaudy. Paja quite possibly has my favorite stock eyechips, they are just so vibrant.
Last but not least is the bratty little Marrin, the Monomo. Monomo was one of the first dals released but she is still widely available, I think her crazy fur wig is off-putting to a lot of people (the first batch of dals all have notoriously easily broken feet so that probably doesn’t help) but there is a seriously adorable little dal hidden under that wild hair.
Marrin is such a precious little thing, I think all Monomos are a bit bratty though luckily she is nothing like that troublemaker Banana Split (my other Monomo).

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3 Responses to 146/365- Meet the new dolls!

  1. Avalon says:

    Oh, all three of them are fantastic looking! Ollie is my favourite and you’re right, the yellow looks amazing on her!

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