141/365- Monster High Ghoulia doll

With all the recent exciting news about upcoming Monster High releases that I have been reading about on plastic asylum, I decided to take some pictures of one of my favorite Monster High dolls: Ghoulia. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for zombie movies (even Zombie Strippers) so of course I would show preference to a zombie doll haha!. 
141/365- Fashion Monster
I redressed her in various stock bits from other Monster High dolls: the headphones are from Holt, the dress and belt thing are from DotD Frankie, the shoes are from the fearleading fashion pack.

This doll was initially hard as hell to find in stores, now she is a lot easier to find at least here in the states. There was a time when I absolutely could not find one luckily Requiemart found one for me, I eventually picked up a second one as I had walked into a Toys R Us as they were restocking but now it seems like every time I go to the store there is at least a Ghoulia on the shelves
Ghoulia Yelps
. All I can think about when I hear about more new releases is how hard it’s going to be find them in stores when they first get released, these things fly off the shelf ^^; On a long enough timeline I’m sure I’ll find them all but I get rather impatient sometimes ^^;

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2 Responses to 141/365- Monster High Ghoulia doll

  1. marina says:

    this monster high doll that u made . any way maybe i could buy it from u by any chance or if not maybe u could tell me what ghoulia monster high doll that is and stuff like that if by any chance if i could by this from u just send me an email saying that u could let me buy it from u and how much it would cost or just send me an email that says i cant buy it from u and u could just tell me how to make this monster high doll

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, I didn’t really do anything to her she is just a standard classic Ghoulia. All I did was redress her in bits of clothing from various other Monster High dolls.

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