142/365 – Grimrock! Rei and Asuka Figures

I’ve had these Evangelion figures for a long time,  probably six or seven years now. I actually own two sets of them too, although I am not quite sure how that happened- I have one set on display and another set NRFB.
143/365- Rei and Asuka Wonderfest Figures

The concept behind these figures is pretty cool, the modified plugsuits are pretty cool not to mention the fact the way the angels (Adam and Lilith) are tied into the figures… unfortunately with the advances in the quality of figures made in the last several years these guys are quite a bit dated ^^; Rei and Asuka

Rei and Asuka

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2 Responses to 142/365 – Grimrock! Rei and Asuka Figures

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    mmm they’re nice but I agree, prize figures saw a major leap in quality in the last few years

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