105/365- Poison Ivy & 106/365- Harley Quinn

I decided to do a combined post for days 105 and 106 as they have similar themes/subject matters. Day 105’s picture of the day featured the Ame-Comi mini figure of Batman rogue Poison Ivy. Normally the best comparison for Ame-comi figures and Japanese figures would be prize figures, as the quality is about the same unfortunately the price is not. The fact that the mini figures are well mini (slightly larger than gashapon size) actually works for them, the quality just seems better/more acceptable on the smaller scale.
105/365 Poison Ivy
The Ame-comi mini figures are being released in sets of three, the first set focused on girls of Gotham and featured Batgirl and Harley Quinn as well as Poison Ivy (I’m hoping they come back and do a second set with Catwoman and Huntress eventually).

Day 106 featured the Ame-comi Harley Quinn figure. This figure of Harley Quinn is a bit bizarre, her costume is a bit normal than usual and even her eyes are new colors (instead of the standard blue they are mismatched green and purple). I still really like the figure even if does not exude the pure essence of Harley Quinn to me.

Couple more pics of Poison Ivy behind the cut..

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

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5 Responses to 105/365- Poison Ivy & 106/365- Harley Quinn

  1. Wolfy says:

    These are really interesting versions of the characters. Ivy looks a lot like an elf and Harley looks so seductive!

    • kleintoys says:

      I do like they did make the figures a little different from the standard designs, it makes them a bit more interesting. Poison Ivy worked out better in this incarnation in my opinion though, something just seems off with poor Harley.

      • Wolfy says:

        I think it’s the fact that Harley looks more like a Playboy model about to take her clothes off in a shoot, than anything that the real character would look like. I can still appreciate this version of Harley, but I agree that it doesn’t stay true to the character which makes her look off.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I saw these in Newbury Comics and really liked them…but the price was too high for me 😦 I ended up passing. So basically I understand what you mean about them being prize figures but not at the same prizes.

    • kleintoys says:

      I think the mini figures are a better value for the money for the most part, I like see the unique spins this line puts on characters they were originally only in the $40 or so price range and to me that was somewhat reasonable, now they are $60 each or so and it’s really?

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