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110/365- Duela Dent Ame-Comi Figure

I’m skipping ahead temporarily as I want to cover my new Duela Dent Ame-Comi figure sooner rather later. Duela Dent is somewhat of a lesser known DC Comics character, she claims to be the child of several different super villains including Two-Face, … Continue reading

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105/365- Poison Ivy & 106/365- Harley Quinn

I decided to do a combined post for days 105 and 106 as they have similar themes/subject matters. Day 105’s picture of the day featured the Ame-Comi mini figure of Batman rogue Poison Ivy. Normally the best comparison for Ame-comi … Continue reading

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DC Direct Ame-Comi Figures

It seems I have been buying more and more comics toys lately. I went to Wonderland Comics annual spring cleaning sale (buy one get one free on just about everything) with the understanding that anything I get would be tucked … Continue reading

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53/365- Poison Ivy

I skipped work today, stayed home and read comics ^^; One of the things I read through today were my Harley & Ivy comics. Joker and Harley Quinn are my favorite DC villains but I am rather fond of Poison … Continue reading

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