107/365- Sage Taeyang

Taeyang Sage was another birthday present (I’m steadily working through them all this month it seems ^^;). Sage is a school boy and was released alongside girlfriend/classmate Nina way back in 2006, Nina has always been extremely popular and has just recently sold out. I’ve always been fond of Sage but the boys never really seemed to sell out that quickly so I wasn’t really too concerned about getting him quickly but a little birdy told me that he was getting close to sold out so I included him on my birthday wishlist.
107/365 Mathias
I always have a bit of a problem with posing boys, no matter what they either don’t look very natural or they look overly feminine for my taste ^^;

I decided to name him Mathias, I was just going to name him Matthew but I am so bored with that name in real life I didn’t dare give it to one of my dolls. When I attended a Catholic grammar school there were only six boys in my class, five of their names with Matthew so I think the name tends to be a bit overused.
I like Mathias quite a bit, he’s different from most of my other taeyangs/namus he somehow just seems a lot more young and innocent than the others somehow.
I really like his face up, he is definitely a boy as compared to some of the other taeyangs where he is a bit too girly ^^;

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4 Responses to 107/365- Sage Taeyang

  1. nathaniel christopher bruck says:

    request nina/sage photos

  2. Mimi says:

    Know where I an get a taeyang sage, used or new, for under $100? He is the only tae i like all the others are way to weird or girly looking. Will you be will to sell yours? I’m willing around $100, I can go a little higher if needed;)

    Thanks SO so much!!!

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