99/365- Rei Dollfie Dream

Dollfie Dream Rei has actually been here for a while, she arrived way back in November. She was chronologically the 15th DD (Saber Lily is the most recent arrival and she is the 20th) but she is just now being introduced properly for various reasons.
Poor Rei was the last of the last of the Christmas presents to be opened up this year, we were kind of waiting for a special occasion to open her up and finally had the opportunity to this past weekend.

Dollfie Dreams Rei and Asuka were released in August of 2008 at Home Town Dolpa Osaka 5, they were designed as a matched set with both girls wearing maid uniforms. In theory, the maid uniforms may seem like a strange choice for the Dollfie Dreams to come in but plugsuits would not have worked well for DD (staining) and their school uniforms aren’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world (they were available separately for sale though- I have one).
Rei is simply lovely. She joins the handful of other pale white DD releases over the years. Previously there were a few other DD Rei releases but they were released a long time ago and were a lot more basic (Volks’ skills have increased over the years).
I love Rei’s face up, I think the headsculpt suits her well too, to many people seem to want to focus on giving Rei a super frowny face but to me she has always been a lot more neutral and devoid of emotion.
I plan to take some pictures of her alongside Asuka soon.

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3 Responses to 99/365- Rei Dollfie Dream

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    She looks lovely! I can’t wait to see pictures of the duo together! Has anyone made custom plug suits for them with the inside layered with a protective white cloth? Do you think Mari will pop in for one of the pictures too?

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks, hopefully when the weather gets a bit nicer out I can get a picture of the dynamic duo. I have seen custom made plug suits before but I have no idea if they were lined or not, when I brought it off briefly with someone I know before they were like it would almost be better to air brush the outfit unto the body. Mari is a bit tricky A) She is still waiting for her glasses to come back and B) She needs a maid outfit to match Asuka and Rei’s otherwise I need another Evangelion school uniform (I only have one).

      • Yuki says:

        You could use Mikuru’s ( is that how you spell it?) maid costume on Mari for the photo of three of them 🙂

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